Finance committee

The finance committee meets regularly to oversee the financial management of the organization. If you have questions regarding the finance committee, contact Karen Carter, Executive Director at 770 514-7213

The Cobb Collaborative, Inc. (CC) is committed to responsible financial management. The entire organization, including the board of directors and staff, work together to make certain that all financial matters of the organization are addressed with care, integrity, and in the best interest of the Cobb Collaborative, Inc.

1) CC has a Financial Policies and Procedure Manual which outlines procedural guidelines designed to:

  1. Protect the assets of CC;
  2. Ensure the maintenance of accurate records of CC’s financial activities;
  3. Provide a framework of operating standards and behavioral expectations; and,
  4. Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local legal and reporting requirements.

The Executive Director of CChas the responsibility for administering these policies and ensuring compliance with procedures that have been approved by the Board of Directors. Exceptions to written policies may only be made with the prior approval of the Finance Committee. Changes or amendments to these policies may be approved by the Board of Directors at any time. A complete review of the policies is conducted every two years.

2) A financial audit is completed every year by an external auditor in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States. The CC Audit Committee assists the board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control, the audit process, and the company’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and the code of conduct.

*Cobb Collaborative Certified Financial Audits and 990’s are available upon request