FY17/18 Cobb County Nonprofit Grant Q&A

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1) For 21 B, our applicable mandatory indicator is “number of persons receiving food.” Can the number of persons be duplicated or must they be unduplicated throughout the year? We collect unduplicated counts each month, however in subsequent months the same families may be served and included in additional months’ counts.

The counts should be unduplicated, however if a family receives food for multiple months, that should be included as such.

2) Regarding questions 20 and 21, the instructions state on page 5 of the application that “you must include at least one mandatory outcomes, but no more than 4, associated with each priority area for which you are applying.” However, on page 26 of the instruction guide it states “in addition to the mandatory outcome, applicant lists at least one and no more than three total program specific outcomes they plan to achieve.” Just to clarify, does this mean that we should have at least two outcomes total, one mandatory and one additional program specific outcome?

You are only required to submit the mandatory outcome. It is not required to submit additional outcomes. you may include up to (#) three additional outcomes if you wish. Question #6 of the Program/Project Rating Criteria was not edited correctly in the revision. It will only pertain to the Mandatory Outcome in the review process.

3) Do the most recent board meeting minutes need to be board approved or can they be unapproved?

The most recent Board Minutes should be approved

1) Can supporting documents be submitted alongside the application?

The only supporting documents that should be submitted with the application are those listed on page 7 of the application, Part V Attachments. Any other supporting documentation should be shared at the site visit with the Peer Review Team to further highlight your program.

2) Can letters of support be submitted along with the application? I notice that it is not a requirement, will they be accepted?

Letters of support should be shared at the site visit and not submitted with the application. Please see response above.

With regard to board minutes – are you wanting only the last board meeting minutes or a year’s worth?

It should be the most recent, approved Board Minutes only for the application.


I am working on filling out the budget portion of the grant app. I noticed section II: Program Expenditure now has () and states Cobb Funds Only. Does that mean that you only want us to state where we are planning on expending the funds? Last year’s form had looks as though we entered our entire company budget.

Part IV of the application is addressing the Program Budget only. We are interested in the detailed account of how your agency plans to utilize the requested funds, if awarded the grant. Please do not use a prior application or guide to complete your application. The information requested does change from cycle to cycle.

The correct forms can be found on the Collaborative website under the “Latest News” from the Home page.


1.When funding recommendations are being discussed after the peer review scores are submitted, are the two applications submitted together as one final funding request amount, or are they considered separately? (For instance, if we applied for $30,000 for Education and $30,000 for Public Safety, would those each be considered independently, or does it end up just going in as a request for $60,000 for the organization).

2. Follow-up question: In the final funding recommendations, is there any consideration given to funding projects for focus areas (Public Safety) that there may not be as many applicants for? 

Each application is considered and scored separately. Although there are three different priority areas, the funds are not split equally into three,  corresponding accounts of money. It is possible, if submitting two applications, to receive funding for only one of the programs and not the second.

The funding recommendations process is based on the total amount of funding available (approximately $900,000) and the total amount of program applications that receive a score of 80 points or better. The goal of the recommendations process is to fund as many programs as possible while retaining the integrity of the program.



1. If using a fiscal agent, what sections should be completed by the applying organization requesting funding for their program and what sections should be completed by the fiscal agent?

The fiscal agent is the agency that is the “Applicant of Record” meaning they are the applicant. The fiscal agent is completing the application (all sections and attachments). The narrative of the application (Part III) should include the relationship between you and how you and your organization will collaborative on delivering the program services with the fiscal agent.

2. Are funds distributed to the fiscal agent or to the applying organization?

The fiscal agent is the agency applying for the funding. If granted the funds, the fiscal agent will be the agency submitting the reimbursements. The checks for reimbursement will be made payable to the fiscal agent. They will be responsible for distributing the funds to you where appropriate. If awarded funding, the contracts will be drafted between Cobb County and the fiscal agent.


Q: We will have only 1 Priority Area for which we are asking funding (Education/Employment).

In the Program Outcome Model (Page 12, #20) it says we must include at least 1 of the mandatory outcomes, but no more than 4, associated with each priority area for which we are applying.  

Our 1st question is, would it be acceptable, and would we earn the full amount of points, if we only submitted 1 mandatory outcome and no additional outcomes for our 1 Priority Area? 


You would receive the full five (5) points if you choose to identify only the mandatory outcome and corresponding indicator and not include any additional outcomes or indicators. (Please see Q#5 on the Program/Project Rating Criteria Form) Question #6 and 7 on the Program/Project Rating Criteria Form also pertain to questions 20 and 21 on the application and you must meet all of the requirements for each of those utilizing the one mandatory outcome and indicator you have chosen to include.

Our 2nd question is, would it be acceptable, and would we earn the full amount of points, if we only measured and reported on 1 mandatory indicator, and no others? 

See response above.

And separately, our 3rd question is:  In 2014 we applied for (but did not receive) $15,000 in grant funding to be spent on 100 Cobb County youth (whether the youth participated in our mentoring program at an elementary, middle or high school, or as part of their juvenile court mandate).  If this year, we want to focus specifically on using $15,000 in funds to mentor 100 youth who attend South Cobb High School.  Will this narrowing of scope (benefiting only at-risk students at South Cobb High School) hurt our chances of being awarded a grant?  Even though the same amount of grant funds would help the same number of youth? 

The number served or the scope of the program will not hurt (or help) your chances. As long as you can meet the initial criteria for submission, your application will be considered and evaluated for funding. 
Could you please explain what is meant by “pass-throughs” in the application instructions when it says agencies that are “pass-throughs” are not eligible to apply? Our organization has a program that we take to schools in all parts of Georgia. If awarded, this grant would be spent entirely to go to schools in Cobb County.
An organization that is a “pass-through” is an organization or agency that would receive funding and give it, or donate it, to another organization to provide direct services. The “pass-through” organization has no intention of providing any services. This is different from a Fiscal Agent where there is a collaborative effort to deliver the program services between both agencies. If your agency is delivering the services and partnering with Cobb County Schools, you are not a pass through agency.
Also, for the above reason, we do not have a Cobb County budget. Just to confirm the information from the RFP training, does this mean that the maximum grant we could ask for is 10% of our organizational budget (instead of the 20% of the Cobb County budget)?
Since you provide services to other counties in Georgia, for this funding, you must be able to clearly identify those you plan to serve in Cobb County or you will not be considered for funding. If you currently provide this program to schools in Cobb, you will have data to support a budget strickly for Cobb. You can request, up to 20% of that amount.

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