Achieve Through Education

Providing Outreach, re-enforcing and furthering Community relationships, and promoting Achievement Through Education are the foundations of our program in order to further our purpose as a Non-Profit, and to enable continuity, and longevity.

Under-served and low-income school age students need year-round supplemental assistance to their studies and course work, and our small group and individualized tutoring model is proven effective as a method to achieve these goals for students whether in school, or preparing for GED or College SAT Prep. Each student receives a structured tutoring curriculum for each subject area, based on the specific skills and content deficits the student demonstrates on various instruments of assessment utilizing a combination of specific processes to assess students’ needs, identify skills or knowledge gaps, and thus prescribes instructional programs based on the needs and progression of each individual student. The immediate needs are enormous for the under-served, and the needs are extensive within a diverse racial and ethnic population in order to assist in reduced drop-out rates, and to improve the future quality of life through education and self worth.

Due to economic and social factors, many jobs have been eliminated in the workforce for highly qualified workers in diversified fields of business and industries. Often these displaced workers need new work skills to re-enter the workforce, or to change fields of employment. Our Training model is intended to assist these displaced workers through Education and Training. Collaborations with other groups are keys to the success of workforce re-training and development.

Challenges in life circumstances and careers may hinder some persons from re-adjusting to their new path in life. Life Coaching the identified population of students, workers, professionals, and the unemployed, enable them to prepare themselves for the changes and pressures which they are not equipped to handle through events which they feel are out of their control. As part of our Life Coaching philosophy, a person with a history of struggles and losses must re-learn how to conduct themselves in a “Responsible Behavior” manner that would lead to a higher potential for success in life, career, school, and family.  Life coaching is an integral part of the educational support needed to progress and achieve in their new path in life. This support may be the difference maker in drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and societal dysfunction.

Services and outreach are performed through Volunteers, Independent Contractors, and Collaborations with Community Organizations. Outreach sites, and various services locations in Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas include, but are not limited to; Schools, Homes, Community Centers, Churches, Libraries, Central Offices, and Businesses. Locations of services and outreach are usually determined by the circumstances and the services performed. Services are to be performed Year-round.