Kaleigh Raulerson

Program Director

Kaleigh became connected to the community of Cobb through her time spent at Kennesaw State University. It was there that she obtained a degree in Human Services with a specific concentration in Nonprofit Management. During her time there she served the Cobb and Metro area interning and volunteering at multiple nonprofits including the YMCA, Rise Against Hunger, and City of Refuge. Post graduation, she served her hometown, the community of Bartow County. There, she worked as a Program Director of a learn-to-earn parenting program at their local resource center (Bartow Family Resources) serving caregivers and children ages 0-5. She looks forward to bringing her passion and experience of “improving outcomes for children and families” to the community of Cobb. When she’s not working, Kaleigh enjoys being with her daughter, searching out good coffee shops, and reading and writing.