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run off elections

NOW - Request Absentee Ballot for January 5 Runoff

November 18 - First day Absentee Ballots can be mailed

December 7 - Deadline to Register to Vote in General Runoff for FEDERAL offices

December 14 - Advance voting begins for General Runoff

January 5, 2021 - General Runoff for State/Local and Federal offices (Voter registration deadline: Dec. 7)

Runoff elections are held when no candidate wins the required majority of votes.
Anyone who is already registered to vote in Georgia can vote in state, local, and federal runoff elections. Check your voter status.
For more information about runoff elections, contact your County Registrar's Office.
(Source: Georgia.gov)
While we wait for results, click the link to make sure your vote got counted!

General Election Run Off for Federal Offices

U.S. Senate


U.S. Senate Special Election Run Off


General and Special Election for State and Local Offices

Public Service Commission District 4


I'm a Voter in Cobb County - How Do I...

Register to Vote?

Visit the Secretary of State website
Register in-person at the Board of Elections
At your local Department of Driver Services

Find My Polling Location?

Visit the My Voter Page to find your designated precinct.
Change Your Voter Registration Address or Name
Need an ID to vote? Spread the Vote can help!
Cobb County Precinct Locations

Drop Box Locations Available For Absentee Ballots

UPDATED INFORMATION - Voters may request an Absentee Ballot now for the January 5 general runoff. Public health concerns may impact in-person voting availability and wait times may increase due to social distancing and sanitation requirements. For an Absentee Ballot Application or for more information on ballot return options, please visit the Absentee Voting page.