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Cobb County Nonprofit Grant

The Cobb Collaborative is proud to be in our 20th year of facilitating the Cobb County Nonprofit Grant. For FYE9/30/17, this grant was leveraged into an additional $3.1 million in matching grants and resources by the recipients. The funded organizations perform vital services in accordance with county-wide priorities approved by the Commissioners.
FY 19/20 Cobb County Nonprofit Grant Announcement: The Cobb County Board of Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the FY19/20 CCNP Grant Recipients (as approved and recommended by the Cobb Collaborative Board of Directors) at the Aug 28 meeting. The meeting begins at 7pm in the Commissioners’ room.
Documents from the 2 RFP and Peer Training sessions:
Application   (Fillable PDF (Best practice is to save the PDF to your hard drive. Then use the SAVE AS function.)


Q1: Clarifying question regarding the FY19/FY20 Cobb County Non-Profit Grant. During the RFP Workshop on March 1st,  Catherine Brown made a comment that Nutrition programs would not be able to apply this cycle under Health & Wellness. We understand the Health & Wellness Priority Area has shifted focus to mental health and substance abuse but saw that there was a basic needs/food category listed within Family Stability/Poverty in the Instruction Guide.

We wanted to verify if our farmers market initiatives which provide subsidized cost and SNAP/EBT options for fresh produce to low income areas would qualify to apply through Family Stability/Poverty under Outcome #5: Basic human needs are met Indicator: 1. Number of persons who received food.

A1: You are correct, you would be able to apply through the Family Stability/Poverty under Outcome #5 as long as you are able to meet all of the other requirements. In addition, you would need to collect the data on the number of persons receiving food, not just the attendees of the farmer’s market.

Q2: At the meeting I attended, e verify was mentioned.  I  do not see this mentioned anywhere in the application. Is this something we must include in the grant application?

A2: The E-Verify information is something the County requires if you are granted funding through this process. It would be included with your executed contract, not your grant application

Q3: For the questions that have a word limit – for example, Part II: Organization Information, #10 (300 words maximum), #11 (1 page maximum), #s 16 and 17 (1000 words maximum each) — do you advise that we attach a Word document with the responses to these questions? (This also applies to Q20 that requires text boxes)

A3: We have had applicants approach it done both ways. (utilizing the fillable PDF to respond as well as attaching separate documents). If you choose to attach a separate WORD Document, we recommend ensuring the responses are numbered with the corresponding questions. The Peer Review Team should not (nor will they) need to determine the question in which you are responding. If they are not able to easily determine if you have responded to a question, they will assume you did not and points will be deducted.

Q4: We request clarification on one of the Youth Programming indicators we would like to address in our grant application:        3) Number of students who had fewer behavior incidences.  We would like to confirm with you that avoiding involvement with the juvenile justice system meets the criteria as an example of “fewer behavior incidences.”A4: Confirmed:  avoiding involvement with the juvenile justice system meets the criteria as an example of “fewer behavior incidences.”

Q5: We do not have a physical location.  Our community service programs are held at various Cobb County locations, i.e., schools, churches, community centers, recreation centers, etc. How would a site visit (and corresponding 30 points) be handled for our particular organization? What would we need to do to show that we provide service in Cobb County?

A5: The site visit would take place at your office in Marietta since your services are provided in various places in the County.

Q6: Does the target population have to meet federal poverty income guidelines? If no, does the target population have to meet any income guidelines?

A6: The target population should be determined by your organization, not federal guidelines. It is specific to your program and the population served.

Q7: What are the word limits for questions 18 and 19 under Part III: PROGRAM INFORMATION?

A7: There are no word or character limits. We refer you to the Instruction Guide to ensure you are answering all aspects of the questions.

Q8: I would like to confirm the total number of outcomes we are allowed to include in our Program Outcome Model and Outcome Measurement Framework. I understand we must choose at least one mandatory outcome. How many additional? 

A8: It looks like we had an error where something did not get edited (in the Instruction Guide). THIS IS NOW CORRECTED.

You must include one of the mandatory outcomes in the application. You may choose to include two additional, besides the mandatory outcome, for a total of no more than 3. (mandatory and if you choose an additional one or two more local indicators)

Q9: Our mandatory outcome is family stability/poverty and our program is Summer Camp/Camp Friendship. Does the camp need to be open for operation during the site visit (April- May)?

A9: The camp does not need to be open during the site visit.
Q10: Can supporting letters be submitted with this application?
A10: Letters of support are not required, but can be included with your application.  However extra points will NOT be awarded if you do include them.
Q11: The mandatory 2 h Budget Table in Part IV – Section I: Program Revenue – Is the income this budget portion for our Cobb County budget only – so if 75% of youth we house and serve are Cobb County youth then we are only including the income for this serving portion and not our entire income?

A11: Cobb County only

Q12: We are applying under one priority area, Homelessness, and there is only one outcome so we chose #5 of the indicators under Homelessness. Can we also choose 2 other agency selected indicators to measure –(1)  # of persons receiving food, even though this an indicator under Family Stability/Poverty area? And (2) # of persons receiving clothing, even though this is not an indicator listed in any areas?

A12: Yes, you may include up to (2) additional local indicators as long as the mandatory one has been included. If you do not include the mandatory outcome and indicator, your application will be disqualified.

Q13: Questions 20:Program Outcome Models and Question 21: Outcome Measurement Framework – the instructions say to “ADD TEXT BOXES UNDER EACH SECTION  For Question 20 the sections are:

  1. Inputs; b. Activities; c. Outputs; d. Outcomes

For Question 21 the sections are:

  1. Outcome; b. Indicator; c. Measurement Instrument; d. Targets, confirmed, okay to utilize text boxes to answer these questions.

A13: Yes confirmed to utilize text boxes

Q14: How many years of statistical data do you want?

A14: You may include as much data as you see fit to illustrate the desired outcomes.

Q15: Some of our proposed program “asks” involve expansion, how do you address this with the budget?

A15:  A budget is an estimate of expected expenditures. If this is for expansion of an existing program, you should be able to predict expenditures. We understand the amounts may change based on availability of funds.

Q16: Will all of Part III be an attachment? It doesn’t seem to be fillable
A16: It is best to utilize the fillable PDF fields, however a separate word document may be attached for Part III. It is strongly recommended the question numbers for which you are responding are clearly marked. If the Peer Review Team is not able to determine which question has been answered, points will be deducted.
Q17: I wanted to ask about the grant being a reimbursement grant.  First is that correct?  Second, if so what is the turn around time?

A17: Confirmed, this is a reimbursement grant. You are able to submit requests for reimbursement to the county on a weekly basis, if appropriate. As long as the required documentation is received with the request and there are no questions, the check is processed within 7 days

Q18: For the table in question #14, should this be filled out based on our complete org. budget or our Cobb County operating budget? I noticed that in the description list of the funding categories on page 10 of the instruction guide that “individuals” refers to “donations received for Cobb County operations” but I didn’t see mention of Cobb County operations for the other funding categories on this page.

A18: The table says Budget (organization), therefore it is for the organization budget.  I don’t know why “Cobb County Operations” is listed in the Individual category and not the others

Q19: For the mandatory outcomes, we could use some guidance regarding where our program would fall. As we provide vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities, our programming would typically fall under the Employment/Workforce Development area. However, we noticed that the mandatory outcomes for this section all specifically mention adults. If we were to apply for grant funding for a program were we provide job readiness training and education to youth (high school students) with disabilities, can we still fall under this focus areas even though the individuals served will not all be adult aged? I also noticed that the Family Stability/Poverty area mentions employment training under outcome 2. However, our program provides training and education, but not employment opportunity as listed in the outcome, so I wasn’t sure if we could fall under that area either.

A19: Please see Outcome 4 in Family/Stability and Poverty “Outcome 4: Employment. Adults and/or youth who obtained and maintained employment or internship.”

Q20: Is it possible to receive a word version of the application?

A20: We are not able to send a word form of the application.

Q21: When determining the total Cobb County FY19 Operating/Organizational budget (the number that we can request up to 20% of), can that include in-kind contributions?

A21:  In-Kind contributions may not be used for the calculation for this.

Q22: Are we still listing the entire Mandatory Outcome this year, so for Youth Programming, we’d say the mandatory outcome is:  “Youth have improved school attendance, academic performance, engaged in employment opportunity and training, and participated in a financial literacy program and/or fewer incidences of delinquent behavior.”  Am I correct that this is ONE outcome, and then we can address the parts of it that apply to us through our choice of indicators?

A22: Correct. One outcome for Youth Programming and then it is up to you to decide which of the 5 indicators listed to use for the Mandatory indicator.

The mandatory 2-hour RFP Workshop which is required to apply for the Cobb County Non-Profit Grant for FY 2019 and FY 2020 were held on:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Location: South Cobb Community Center, 620 Lions Club Dr. Mableton, GA 30126

Phone: (770) 819-3240


Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Location: The Zone, 32 Fairground St. NE Marietta, GA 30060

Phone: (770) 693-5982

You must attend ONE of the two workshops and receive the required certificate of attendance in order to submit an application.

Please note: Late arrivals or early departures will not receive the required certificate of attendance.