Strategy Teams

Become a part of a strategy team to improve the well being of community members through various initiatives.


Our purpose is to improve the well-being of children and families living, working, and learning in Cobb County. The group examines needs from youth and family serving organizations and helps streamline service processes. In 2021, we will be exploring data from our community and using that to inform our collective work, as well as the work of our partners.

H.A.S.T.E. Homeless Awareness Strategy Team Effort

Our purpose is to improve access to and awareness of resources for individuals experiencing homelessness in Cobb County. There are many organizations serving the homeless population in Cobb County. This strategy team allows members to share best practices for increasing awareness of services, connecting clients to resources, and advocating as a unified group for change on behalf of the individuals experiencing homelessness.

Our purpose is to improvie the health of children and families that are facing mental illness by reducing the stigma of seeking assistance and increasing awareness of resources in Cobb County. There are some great players on our Behavioral Health Work Group - we work intentionally with local universities, government and public health agencies, and nonprofit organizations to research the most up to date methods for assisting individuals with mental illness, share best practices and collaborate with organizations working in the mental health field in Cobb.

Strategy Teams

Our purpose is to Improve 3rd grade reading outcomes as part of the Get Georgia Reading campaign by convening educational agencies and service providers. As the local point of contact for the Get Georgia Reading Campaign, the Collaborative and its partners are keenly interested in supporting early childhood development as we know the first years are critical to laying the foundation for physical, behavioral and emotional growth. Specific projects in 2021 include expanding the Little Free Library network in under-served communities, gathering "gently loved" books, and brainstorming ways to collectively work to improve language nutrition and reading proficiency.

Veterans Strategy Team

Our purpose is to improve outcomes for veterans living in Cobb County by connecting organizations to solve critical issues that veterans face every day. Our veterans strategy team launched in February 2020 and will continue to grow as the need in our community grows.


Our purpose is to improve outcomes for individuals seeking employment in Cobb County by connecting organizations’ clients to employment agencies and professional development programs. Our workforce strategy team meets to create new programs that offer a holistic approach to training the future workforce of Cobb County. They equip the future employees of Cobb County businesses with training, certifications, mentorship, networking, and even proper business attire.