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About Cobb County

Cobb County is comprised of seven cities as well as unincorporated areas. Residents living in municipalities are represented by city council members as well as a county commissioner. Decisions such as zoning, building, code enforcement, amenities, etc. occur at the city level as well as the county level. The Cities of Marietta and Smyrna have their own fire departments separate from Cobb County, and all six municipalities have a police force. Additionally, the City of Marietta has a separate school system (Marietta City Schools) with a separate school board.

cobb cities


Municipalities (Cities) in Cobb County






Powder Springs


Active engagement with those elected and appointed to represent a given community helps ensure that the best interests of that community are promoted and protected. Additionally, strong social cohesion—talking with neighbors, helping friends, and seeing, hearing and gathering with friends and family—has been linked to better public health outcomes, including improved child development and adolescent well-being, improved mental health, lower violent crime rates and youth delinquency, and reduced mortality. A strong sense of community is a building block to positive civic health. Improving our civic health at state, regional, and local levels can help us achieve improved outcomes for children, families, and communities—a goal that the Cobb Collaborative, Georgia Family Connection Partnership, Georgia Municipal Association, and other partners work diligently each day to realize.


Civic Engagement - A Definition

Civic engagement is the act of working with local institutions and fellow residents to promote meaningful actions, movements, and relationships within a community or population. This can take many forms, from voter registration rates to talking politics with friends or family, and from trusting local businesses to participating in community groups. Some measures of civic engagement are political, some are social, and some are individual, but each reflects something important about a community’s civic health.

How Do I Get Involved in My Community?

Social Connectedness
  • Hear from or spend time with family or friends
  • Discuss political, societal, or local issues with family or friends
  • Discuss political, societal, or local issues with neighbors
  • Provide food, housing, money, or help for friends or extended family
  • Talk with or spend time with neighbors
  • Work with neighbors to do something positive for neighborhood or community
  • Talk or spend time with people of different racial, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds
Community Involvement
  • Volunteer
  • Charitable Giving
  • Belong to a group (HOA, civic club, alumni association
Political Action
  • Vote
  • Contact an elected official
  • Share views
  • Consume well balanced news
  • Express political opinions
  • Attend a Public Meeting with a discussion of Community Affairs



On November 7, 2023, five out of the seven cities in Cobb County will have a municipal election. 
For more information on voting in the 2023 Municipal Election, head to our 2023 Voting Page.
Check your registration status, polling locations, a sample ballot, and request an absentee ballot at the GA My Voter Page.
2023 Municipal Election Dates
  • DEADLINE to Register to Vote: Tuesday, October 10, 2023
  • DEADLINE to Request an Absentee Ballot: Friday, October 27, 2023
  • Advance Voting: Starts Monday, October 16, 2023(check the flyer for locations, dates, and times)
  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 7, 2023



On November 8, 2022, Georgians elected our GA General Assembly, which is comprised of two chamgers: the State Senate (56 total) and House of Representatives (180 total) to establish new legislation, budgets, and laws in 2023-2024. 

January 9th marks the first day of the forty day legislative session to propose new bills, debate the issues, and vote on what to pass. When they new legislation is proposed, the bill has 28 days to pass out of either chamber by Crossover Day (the 28th day), or the bill cannot move forward. Certain meaures that fail can be attached to other bills once Crossover Day has passed. Sine Day is the 40th day, and is the last legislative day where debates can be held for both chambers to pass the bill.

Once passed, the Governor has a chance to approve or veto the bill during the General Assembly session. After Sine Die, he has 40 days to approve or veto a bill. If the Governor takes no action within that time, the bill becomes a law – this is also called a ‘pocket veto’. If the Governor vetoes the bill, the General Assembly can override the veto with a two-thirds vote by each House during the next session. An act becomes effective the following July 1, unless a different effective date is provided in the language of the act.

Sessions are held in two-year increments known as biennials, meaning legislation introduced in the first year that fails to pass through the chambers can be taken up the second year. All measures that don’t go the governor for his signature by the end of the second year are abandoned and must be refiled next session.





District 6 - Jason Esteves

D - Atlanta

Contact Info: 404-463-1562;

2022 Georgia Legislature Opening Day

District 32 - Kay Kirkpatrick

R - East Cobb 

Contact Info: 404-656-3932;


District 33 - Michael "Doc" Rhett

D - Marietta

Contact Info: 404-656-0054;


District 37 - Ed Setzler

R - Acworth 

Contact Info: 404-657-0406;


District 56 - John Albers

R - Roswell

Contact Info: 404-463-8055


District 37 - Horacena Tate

D - Atlanta

Contact Info: 404-463-8053;



District 22 - Jordan Ridley

R - Woodstock

Contact Info: 404-656-0254;


District 34 - Devan Seabaugh

R - Marietta

Contact Info: 404-656-0152;


District 35 - Lisa Campbell

D - Kennesaw

Contact Info: 404-656-0202;


District 36 - Ginny Ehrhart

R - West Cobb

Contact Info: 404-656-5024;


District 37 - Mary Frances Williams

D - Marietta

Contact Info: 770-424-9084;


District 38 - David Wilkerson

D - Powder Springs

Contact Info: 404-656-0116;


District 39 - Terry Cummings

D - Mableton

Contact Info: 404-656-0202;


District 40 - Doug Stoner 

D - Smyrna

Contact Info: 404-656-0220;


District 41 - Michael Smith

D - Marietta

Contact Info: 404-656-0265;


District 42 - Teri Anulewicz

D - Smyrna

Contact Info: 404-656-0116;


District 43 - Solomon Adesanya

D - East Cobb

Contact Info: 404-656-0220;


District 44 - Don Parsons

R - North Cobb

Contact Info: 770-977-4426;


District 45 - Sharon Cooper

R - East Cobb

Contact Info: 404-656-5069;


District 46 - John Carson

R - Northeast Cobb

Contact Info: 404-520-8826;