Barbie D. Etterle


Barbie D. Etterle is a fifteen year veteran in the Air Force currently serving as Reservist. Mrs. Etterle previously worked in law enforcement as a patrol officer and then later as Special Victims Detective. After finishing a Bachelor’s degree in multiple disciplines of Psychology, Theology, and Criminology as well as a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, she took an early retirement from law enforcement in order to focus on the mental health perspective of trauma and crises. She now functions as the Specialist for Primary Prevention of Violence at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Cobb County where she manages several programs related to suicide prevention, sexual assault prevention, domestic and intimate partner violence, workplace violence, and other violence-based crises. She also chairs the Dobbins’ Community Action Team, which concentrates efforts in building individual and communal resilience, and functions as a liaison between the military and county communities. She is committed to making the world a better place by serving her local community.

Mrs. Etterle’s spends her free time reading, writing, exploring, and learning new things. She resides in Cobb County with her husband and son.