Mind Your Mind Speaks: Episode 23


In this episode, you will hear a conversation between Cobb Collaborative Executive Director, Irene Barton, and Andy Goldstrom. Andy is the founder of Parents Journey Coaching

Show Notes:

As a certified parent coach who is located in Cobb County, Andy offers support for parents who want to make lasting changes for themselves and their children.  In our discussion, he shares:

  • His background with a daughter who has battled mental illness and how it inspired him to become a parent coach
  • His reaction to who may be at fault for families who come to work with Andy
  • What children and young adults really need and want in life…and how to best provide it to them
  • When parents should best reach out to a parent coach or another source for help
  • Covid’s affect on parents and their children
  • How you know your child is in trouble
  • Why good outcomes can and do occur
  • Parent coaching vs. therapy
  • Parent coaching for married couples, single parents and co-parents

In terms of looking out for the children and young adults in your life, he encourages parents/caregivers to pay close attention to the 4 pillars:

  • Interest Level
  • Energy Level
  • Sleep Schedule
  • Appetite

The glimmer of hope – “it’s never too late!”

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