Mind Your Mind Speaks Podcast: Episode 31

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In this episode, you will hear a conversation between Cobb Collaborative Executive Director Irene Barton and Julie Smith, CEO & Georgia Director of the SAM Foundation. The mission of the SAM Foundation is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education by equipping our communities with the skills to intervene in a suicidal crisis. 

The SAM Foundation was founded by sisters Nicole and Julie who lost their brother Sam to suicide in 2002. They and most importantly, their mother, decided that it was absolutely imperative to form this foundation in order to stop the silent epidemic of suicide in our nation. Nicole oversees operations in Alabama and Julie in Georgia. Through evidence based trainings, the SAM Foundation reaches a variety of community members, corporate groups, educators, first responders and mental health professionals. Trainings offered include crisis intervention, suicide prevention and post-vention. Click here to learn more.

Sam’s Story:

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