Mind Your Mind Speaks Podcast – Episode 33

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In this episode, you will hear a conversation between Cobb Collaborative Executive Director Irene Barton and Beoncia Loveless. Listen as Beoncia shares her background and also speaks on the firearm safety advocacy work of Be SMART for Kids.

Show Notes:

  • 30 million children live in a home with a firearm in America
  • 1,900 total deaths in GA by firearm (all ages) in 2021
  • Firearms are present in 60% of suicides, and 40% of suicides involving children involve a firearm.
  • 90% of suicides involving a firearm are fatal. “It’s an permanent solution to a temporary issue.”
  • Safest way to store a gun in your home is to leave it unloaded and secured. Secure doesn’t mean “hidden” – children will often search for that.

Be SMART for Kids (Contact for a presentation – besmartgamom@gmail.com)

S – Secure
M – Model
A – Ask
R – Recognize
T – Tell

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