Mind Your Mind Speaks Podcast: Episode 36


In this episode, you will hear a conversation between Cobb Collaborative Executive Director Irene Barton and TaNesha McAuley & Caterina Miceli of the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office Family Advocacy Center. Ms. McAuley is the director of the FAC and Ms. Miceli is the Program Director for the FAC’s Victim Safety/Offender Accountability Project.

The Cobb Family Advocacy Center will “invert the burden” for victims and survivors of violence and abuse by bringing services under one roof. This requires a change in delivery by organizations as well as changing systems so as to be more responsive and client-focused. While the FAC will address victims and survivors of other types of abuse (e.g., elder abuse, human trafficking), domestic violence is unfortunately a stark reality for many in Cobb County.

  • There was a 140% increase in domestic violence incidents in Georgia between 2020 and 2021.
  • Partnership Against Domestic Violence reports that  a woman is assaulted or beaten in the U.S. every 9 seconds, displacing tens of thousands of women and children.

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