Mind Your Mind Speaks Podcast: Episode 42


In this episode, you will hear a conversation between Cobb Collaborative Executive Director Irene Barton and Carl Crumley and Nicholas Adams of Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services. Mr. Crumley is the Deputy Chief of Community Risk Reduction and Mr. Adams is the Deputy Chief of Emergency Management Services. 

Show Notes:

  • Cobb County Fire & EMS partners with Cobb Senior Services and other senior-serving agencies to help educate seniors about how to prevent falls. That is a common reason why EMS is contacted.
  • Every firefighter is an EMT and many are trained to the paramedic level.
  • Cobb County Safety Village serves 28,000 Kindergarteners, 2nd and 4th graders each year. While fire prevention and home safety is a key aspect, there are other aspects of personal safety that are covered like bike and pedestrian safety.


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