Mind Your Mind Speaks Podcast: Episode 63

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Welcome to the Mind Your Mind Speaks Podcast. In this episode, you will hear a conversation between Cobb Collaborative Executive Director, Irene Barton, and Jessica Fay, founder of Picture Yourself Archived.

  • Picture Me Archived offers photo scanning, photo restoration, digital photo albums, slide scanning/VCR conversation, memorabilia organization, and much more!
  • How photography helps support mental well-being: visual representation of happy times, important milestones, people who are important to us.
  • Photos can also foster a sense of connection with families, friends, community and common purposes.


Website: https://www.pictureyourselfarchived.com/

Email: hello@pictureyourseldarchived.com



As always, you can find this episode along with show notes and links on our website at cobbcollaborative.org/podcast

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