The Basics Cobb County Training Opportunities

The Basics Cobb County is Cobb Collaborative's Birth-5 programming that aims to provide fun, simple, and powerful strategies to help every child reach their full potential. The Basics Vision is a Cobb where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers of all racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds are on track to achieve their full potential–having benefited from early experiences that foster healthy brain development, learning, joy, and resilience.

We offer workshops for children ages birth through five years old along with their parents/caregivers. These workshops are rooted in the following five evidence based practices for promoting early childhood development–into routine family engagement efforts:

  1. Maximize Love, Manage Stress - Staying emotionally present for your child increases their happiness, strengthens their emotional health, and builds self-control skills.
  2. Talk, Sing, and Point - Boost your child’s language skills and knowledge of the world.
  3. Count, Group, and Compare - Help your child make sense of the numbers and categories all around them.
  4. Explore Through Movement and Play - Encourage curiosity, discovery, and a healthy body.
  5. Read and Discuss Stories - Build your child’s knowledge, reasoning, and early literacy skills.

Our Basics workshops (listed above) take a hands-on, engaging approach and encourage connection and healthy attachment between caregivers and their children. We can offer these with various time frames or formats depending on organization preference and need. Basics workshops last 30-45 minutes per session and can be hosted in a variety of settings including childcare facilities, libraries, bookstores, etc. We are HAPPY to bring The Basics wherever there is interest as all families can benefit from these insightful and engaging training opportunities.

In addition to hosting Basics workshops, we can also host Basics orientation sessions for organizations with child-serving staff and/or volunteers. Basics orientation sessions last approximately one hour and provide an introduction to The Basics, preparing participants to share The Basics with the families being served by each organization.

Interested in hosting a Basics workshops or orientation sessions? Contact Cobb Collaborative Literacy Coordinator, Leslie Danford, via email at