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Board Orientation – What do you need to have prepared?

Welcoming new board members to your organization is an exciting experience! Orientation is a must – but what are the things your board members REALLY need to know before becoming a voice of influence in your organization? Here are some tips for passing along the most important information to your board members:

  1. History of the Organization – What is the background of your agency? How long has it been around? Who’s who at the organization?
  2. Board Member Roster – Feel free to include contact info for key leaders at your organization on this sheet as well
  3. Committee List – Does your organization have a variety of committees the members can serve on? Give them a list of their options!
  4. Organizational Strategy / Business Plan – Where is your organization heading, and how is it heading in that direction?
  5. Fundraising Plan – How does your organization sustain it’s mission, and what is the board’s role in contributing to the fiscal goals of the organization? Clearly outline any mandatory contributions, or requests for in-kind services.

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