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Call to Action! Utility Program Supports Low Income Households

We need your voice!!

There is an urgent issue that would benefit greatly from your support. Cobb Electric Member Corporation is an electric company in our Georgia community. They’re currently considering starting a program, called Pay As You Save, that would give low income communities, renters, fixed income residents, building owners, and other residents, including some with less than favorable credit access to weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades for their properties. There is funding available for this program from the US Department of Agriculture but the Electric Coop needs to hear from the community and leaders that this is something that would greatly benefit our area.

This program does the following to assist renters and owners:

Lowers energy use and costs

Improves home qualification rate

Improves property value

Creates a healthier home environment, improving health & healthcare costs

Lowers home maintenance costs

Community leaders are circulating petitions to encourage the leaders of Cobb EMC to commit to adopting the program. We’re asking leaders of community centered organizations and elected leaders to SIGN THE PETITION. We all know someone facing challenges associated with high energy burdens or someone who may need this type of assistance which will immediately lower their bill and with no loan, no liens, and no FICO score check.

Please click on the link below to sign the petition/get more information