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Did you know that…

  • In low-income neighborhoods, the ratio of age-appropriate books is 1 for every 300 children versus middle income households who enjoy approximately 13 titles per child?
  • A Dept. of Education study revealed that nearly two-thirds of the low-income families owned no books for their children?
  • Children who have not already developed some basic literacy practices when they enter school are three to four times more likely to drop out in later years?

The Cobb Collaborative is engaging all stakeholders in a community-wide reading initiative that unites families, educators and community partners to improve literacy in children. Ferst Readers is a Cobb Collaborative partner whose mission is “strengthening communities by providing quality books and literacy resources for children and their families to use at home during the earliest stages of development.” Children in the Ferst Readers literacy program receive a bookstore-quality, age-specific book and resources mailed to them at home every month until their fifth birthday. It’s this access to print that helps create a language-rich environment in the home.

Research tells us that the single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school. By “adopting a reader”, you can make a positive influence in the life of a child and family!

For only $36, you can provide a book each month for an entire year… or you can do more.

  • Monthly Books for One Year $36
  • Monthly Books for Two Years $72
  • Monthly Books for Three Years $108
  • Monthly Books for Four Years $144
  • Monthly Books for Five Years $180

Contributions can be made by clicking here to donate to Ferst Readers. If you would like for your donation to serve children in Cobb County, please indicate “Cobb County” when you make your donation. There are children right here in our community and all across the country just waiting for their opportunity to receive the gift of literacy. There are Ferst Readers programs in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina and Texas. Please adopt a reader today and make a positive impact via monthly books!

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