Georgia General Assembly Opens on January 9th – 2023 Legislation

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2023 Georgia General Assembly Opens on January 9th

The 40-day session “under the Gold Dome” began on Monday, January 9. The first order of business in the Georgia House was to elect a Speaker of the House and Speaker Pro Tempore who will lead our chamber over the next two years. Speaker Jon Burns (R-Newington) was elected to serve as the 75th Speaker by acclamation. The Lieutenant Governor serves as the legislative leader in the Georgia Senate, so that is Lt. Gov. Burt Jones. The legislative calendar was also voted upon and in a change of precedent, the entire calendar for the 40-day session was approved, which is a change from years past. The session will end on March 29 which places Crossover Day (the day that a bill must be approved by one chamber in order to “cross over” to the other chamber for consideration) on March 6. The body does not meet every single day; there are days dedicated to committee hearings and other business.

Gov. Brian Kemp introduced his proposed FY24 budget at the end of the week. Highlights include a proposed pay raise to teachers and state employees, tax refunds and increased education funding. Passing a balanced budget is the only requirement that the legislators have, but we know they do much more.  It is highly probable that we will see more legislation around mental health in this session. In fact, several folks have dubbed this the “decade of mental health.”

After a pause for several years because of COVID, the House Page Program is back! The program is for Georgia’s students between 12 and 18 years of age and older to visit the State Capitol, learn about the legislative process, and help facilitate business on the House floor by relaying messages between legislators and citizens and lobbyists, delivering copies of legislation, and performing other tasks. if you are interested in learning more, please click here. If you have never been to the Capitol during the session, we encourage you to go!

But, advocacy doesn’t happen only during the legislative session. Last fall, Collaborative member Habitat for Humanity of NW Metro Atlanta Executive Director Jessica Gill testified before an appointed House Study Committee on Regulation, Affordability, and Access to Housing. You can read the final report HERE. (this is the first attachment)

Jessica testified alongside Ryan Willoughby, President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Georgia, and is hopeful that meaningful legislation will be crafted to address the housing issue in our community. Please contact your state representative and state senator to let him/her know that affordable housing options are important to you. If you have experience, viable suggestions, and expertise on the topic, offer to share those. It is common for elected officials to rely on subject matter experts when reviewing legislation, formulating policy and participating in hearings. Thank you Jessica for advocating on this important subject!

We are excited to connect with you during this legislative session. Let us know what questions you have and please share your insights with us! Contact us at

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