Issues Forum Highlight: Child Care Challenges in Georgia

Child Care Challenges in Georgia

Child Care is a necessity in the world we live in today. It allows us to take care of things we need to throughout our day, go back to school, and pursue our careers. Child Care is very helpful, but like anything is has it’s own issues.

  • “Child Care Issues in Georgia has Lead to $1.75 Billion in lost economic activity.”

This was just one of the findings discussed during our Issues Forum entitled “Eliminating Child Care as a Barrier to Economic Mobility”. Nearly 70 stakeholders gathered on Friday, October 18 to learn more about this topic, hear from experts, and share best practices.

Problems surrounding child care have laid a heavy burden on Georgia’s workforce. Issues such as accessibility, quality control, and affordability have lead to many in Georgia’s workforce missing work/school, turning down promotions, or even being terminated from their jobs.

We thank  Nana Grants and the Cobb Community Foundation for co-sponsoring this event with the Cobb Collaborative! Consider going through the power point attached below to see how these groups are improving child care.

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