UPDATE (8/28/2020)

Not-For-Profit Grant Webinar with Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce: https://www.cobbchamber.org/events/NotforProfit-Grants-Discussion-with-Cobb-Board-of-Commissioners-Chairman-Mike-Boyce-9564/details

Not-For-Profit Grant Webinar with Commissioner Lisa Cupid: https://www.cobbchamber.org/events/Small-Business-Grants-Not-for-Profit-Discussion-with-Commissioner-Lisa-Cupid-9567/details

Cobb County Board of Commissioners have extended its partnership with SelectCobb to offer a third round of applications for small business relief grants specifically for not-for-profit 501c3 businesses. At this webinar, join Cobb Commission Chairman Mike Boyce, Cobb Chamber Chairman John Loud, Cobb Chamber President & CEO Sharon Mason and Cobb Chamber COO/SelectCobb Executive Director Dana Johnson to discuss the next round of small business grant applications that are taking place from August 27th through September 11th at 5PM. Attendees will be able to ask questions during the webinar about the grant process. More details and the application can all be found at https://selectcobb.com/nfpgrants/