The Four Pillars Campaign for proficient reading


Representatives from Cobb County recently attended the Get GA Reading Beyond 2020 Summit and did a deep dive into the four pillars of the Campaign.

“The four pillars” is a research-based framework that the Get Georgia Reading Campaign has put together as a means to help children read proficiently by third grade. This benchmark is an important literacy milestone as youth transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. Children who cannot read by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. As a proactive measure to assure children have a brighter future, these four pillars are a game changer for childhood literacy.

Get Georgia Reading’s Four Campaign Pillars

  • Language Nutrition: All children receive abundant, language-rich adult-child interactions, which are as critical for brain development as healthy food is for physical growth.
  • Access: All children and their families have year-round access to, and supportive services for, healthy physical and social-emotional development and success in high-quality early childhood and elementary education.
  • Positive Learning Climate: All educators, families, and policymakers understand and address the impact of learning climate on social-emotional development, attendance, engagement, academic achievement, and ultimately student success.
  • Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness: All teachers of children ages 0-8 are equipped with evidence-informed skills, knowledge, and resources that effectively meet the literacy needs of each child in a developmentally appropriate manner.  

For more information on “The four Pillars” click the link below.