The major barrier keeping our kids from learning in school.

We as parents want our kids to grow up strong, be successful, and have a great future. It is not a secret that our children’s education is a big determining factor allowing these goals to transpire, but that is easier said than done. Kids do not want to wake up in the morning, so you go to war begging, pleading, and negotiating with them just so that they will get out of their beds, brush their teeth, eat their breakfast, and arrive at school on time. We salute you parents and want to tell you that your effort will pay off.

September is attendance awareness month and part of attendance awareness month is to educate parents on the necessity of your child’s school attendance. Attendance is cumulative and by keeping your children in school, as a parent, you are allowing them to build the learning blocks necessary for their future endeavors.

Below is an article stating the impact of student attendance. You will also find an interactive map that displays school attendance. You can search for your City, zip code, and even the school you attend.

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